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so a guy I've been dating for about a month or so, is really sweet on me and pursued me for a long time off and on. I finally went out with him, and it's been amazing. we laugh, talk seriousness, have discussions on our kids, he's affectionate, wants to take care of me (just fixed my car for nothing), etc. then over the weekend he doesn't really text me the last day or two, so I send him a message saying "i might go see this sexy guy I know after work for a minute, what do you think he would say about that?" his response was "I think that sexy guy is a lucky man." first real text messages in almost 2 full days and we normally talk everyday. does he still sound interested and what would you take from that message? ugh dating sucks at confusion sometimes lol


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  • Just ask him what he thinks. It sounds like you've both been dancing around and not getting anywhere.


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