Would you date me (game)?

I saw this post and thought damnnn that is a good idea! so how would you feel about playing this game?
Comment down below would you date me?

if you would date a person uplike the comment! if you dont well, dislike it haha
this is pretty fun

Dont by shy people! this doesn't mean anything lol lots of you probably have bfs or gfs but whatever just do it!
lets get to at least 30 comments!
don't be shy people!!! hahah... we should make a post for the 3 most up voted and see what people think about those lol, which I believe from girls are:

- @MissNowhere
- @Mskay
- @Imafreespirit

and guys:
- @Ihav2fart (good name by the way lol)
- @Ibokan18
- @MarkyyG123

Lets do it hahaha that would be fun :P


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