A girl I really liked suddenly started to ignore me. How should I proceed?

Some details: she is 17, i am 18. She is an exchange student from Mexico. Basically, at the start of school we started talking to each other on the second day and I really liked her personality and it seemed like she liked me a lot too. At the time she only talked to me and two other girls, because the rest of my classmates were kind of too shy to talk to her. We had so much fun and on the second day we already started teasing each other and we even hung out for like 4 hours after school. She even asked me for my number. We talked in Facebook a lot too and she was usually the one who started the conversation. But now on the second week, we really haven't talked much in school and she has found another friend and she mostly spends her time with her now. At school I tried to start a conversation with her at lunch, asking her who the lessons were today and etc, but she seemed very cold towards me and really it kind of seemed like she did not even like me anymore. Also on Facebook, I am usually the one who starts the conversations now and she responds kind of like she doesn't really care about the conversation. Example: Me:"Did you like gym class today?" Her:"Yeah.", but she doesn't like explain to me anymore that why did she like it and etc. It really feels like she is ignoring me for some reason. What should I do? I've been trying to not ignore her back, because I thought she might be testing me, but now I kind of don't really want to speak to her, because i think she really doesn't care for me.


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  • The cool response would be to take the hint, I think. :) Sorry man. But if a girl isn't responding, just let her go.

    I will say that asking about classes is not a great way to interest girls. The two examples you gave of interactions with her were about school-related stuff, and that would get tedious quickly. :)

    Good luck.


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