Girls, Is it over if a guy fails asking you out?

So let's just say I waited for a girl I like. She has a gym workout an hour after me. And, we talked right in between our time slots. And, then I waited till she was done as each workout goes on for an hour.

I then approached her and we talked for a bit. She then asked me why I was there so late. I froze up and said for no reason... I sort of was being sarcastic. I mean really? Put yourself in my shoes. If a girl were to wait for a guy then approach him after he was done. What would you think? I was a bit surprised she said this.. but then again maybe she wanted to be sure?

So, I don't get how she possibly did not know WHY I waited for her? Now this girl and I have talked in the past and we usually ask about each others days and weekends.

So at this point am I done? Meaning, I didn't stop her and say no... I stayed late to see if you wanted to do something together on the weekend? So, I guess at this point she is probably done with me? I have no chance now at all.


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  • What? I can barely make sense of that.

    • of what?

      SImple terms: I talked to girl that I think likes me from my gym. She knows I like her. I approached her after her gym workout after she was done.

      We talked, and I wanted to ask her out. She asked me why I stayed late, as I normally would have left early. Instead of saying, I stayed for you so I could see if you wanted to do something on the weekend. I said , oh just because you know.

      Then we both headed towards the door and we went our own ways.

      Does this mean I can never approach her now. I mean I kind of chickened out/failed at asking her out. .

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    • I guess I feel like I blew it... I mean I wasted 1 hour waiting for her.

      I approached her well and I wasn't nervous at all. In fact, I think she was the one that was slightly nervous at first.

      I guess I feel like I probably look like a wuss now. And, anything I do now will come off as creepy or something.

    • Way way way way tooooooooooo much over thinking here dude. Just say hi, how are you, enjoy your workout, fancy going out for a drink sometime? Stop making it difficult. I know you're nervous due to the situation but just give it a shot.

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