(Girls who use Tinder) how you react if?

one day you are flipping through guys on Tinder then all of the sudden you run into this one guy that you find really attractive but once you open up his profile and then notice that his headline reads...

"I'm kind of an asshole... dont say you werent warned!"

would you still match him or would you drop him go to the next one and why?
  • match him, its nothing bad
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  • Past! i dont need an asshole in my life ("Kind of or not")
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  • I'm sometimes a bitch so maybe we would be made for each other :)

    • but the thing is that i am not really an asshole, but i am not a cheerful extroverted either. the reason why i chose that line was because the majority of the times women feel more secure with guys that are pretty straightforward in many aspects in life. we must also not forget that those guys who sound sweet and put things like...

      - I'm God's gift to women

      - I'm the sweetest thing alive

      etc are usually the real creeps. you know being straightforward pretty much equilateral to being honest, as i does shows your profile viewers that you have no flaws to hide. which in the long run it shows that you are not a threat to anybody

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    • oh really? lol how successful did you get?

    • It was pof and I didn't stay on very long to really make anything work but I wasn't over my ex at that time either so I wasn't fully committed to it. I did met someone who is still a good friend though.

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What Girls Said 3

  • If a guy says he's an asshole, dick or cunt on his profile, I swipe left.

    • weird, cause i still get lots of responds from a lot of girls

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    • Obviously not. I just turn down the arrogant pricks and the ones I don't find attractive.

    • and how do you know he's arrogant by simply using the words asshole, dick or cunt on his profile?

  • I'm not really into a guy like that or at least not the type that uses that as opening line... voted B

    • so then what are you really into? the creepy psycho that say things like...

      - i'm heaven's gift to women

      - i'm the modern day casanova

      - i'm the sweetest man alive

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    • @Asker

      There are plenty of assholes out there ready to admit it. Just like some girls will readily admit they are a bitch. It happens. Besides I'm not really interested in the type of person who think it's somehow "funny" to call themselves a asshole. Maybe I was raised differently or something but some people actually pride themselves on good qualities and want to showcase that to the world :)

    • yea and the total opposite could be said about the guys that do post the only things that "you want to hear."

      but again thank God that that is not me and never will be

  • could be a joke so...


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