How to deal with my mother?

I have a troubling relationship with my mother. She is very lazy, demanding and hated taking care of us, she humilated us, she hit us and created a house of turmoil. She kicked our brother out at the age of 17, my younger sis left at the age of 18, im 23 and still live with her because i felt guilty for leaving her and wanted to help. My brother and sister won't speak to me for living with her, im about to live to another city to get away from all of this. My mother is very unstable and sometimes i dont EVER want to see her again, but she is still our mother and she raised 4 children on her own and i guess she wasn't equipped to do it, but she did take care of us when we were ill and sick but she is also the one who destroyed our self esteems. How can i forgive her?


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  • You can pick your friends, but unfortunately you can't chose who your family is. Moms are definitely not perfect and it sounds like yours has some problems. It would be better for you and the entire situation if you separated yourself from it. Before you do, make sure you talk to her and tell your mom why you are doing it so she doesn't feel abandoned. With time, maybe she'll realize her faults and be a better person for it.

  • just l;eave and only speak to her on holidays. your sibs are gone after all.


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