Why is she texting me?

Me and my ex broke up about 6 months ago, thing is we work together, it really sucked at first but im used to it now, there has been really no contact since we broke up but all of a sudden she will text or try to call me at night after work to talk about stuff we have to do for work, is this just work related or is she texting me for other reasons?


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup, @totallyfigureditout. There may come a time down the love line when your "EX" who still could very well still Mark an X in her own softie spot here, dear, Will... Call me at night after work to talk about stuff we have to do for work.
    Being you both Used to share some history with Him and Her, she is probably thinking that she can now, 'Share' the work world with you as well, and that feeling comfy with it, she also feels you both Work well together as team mates.
    It may have gone down a bad path when you were birds of a feather. However, Now Out of the love nest and Into the doors that could lead to some over time, who knows, by nursing and nurturing this way to Play on the same team, it could be a motive in mind, in time, she has.
    It's your choice and your call how you want to handle this scenario of a situation. You can either keep it light and semi sweet around the water cooler or Put More in store when she calls way after 5 'At night.'
    Being 'Used to it now,' you may not realize You... Like it.
    Good luck. xx


What Guys Said 1

  • If she's calling about work, and talking about work... I would assume it's just business... If she's flirting or asking personal questions then I would assume otherwise


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