Would it be weird if I asked my ex to stay at his place while I am at a festival for a couple days?

We broke up about a yr ago. We were super close and broke up to future plans. He wanted to be friends at first but was too soon for me. I then took up his friendship months after and we got along he then started being wired and didn't think we could b friends cuz would b too frustrating and uncomfortable. I saw him a couple weeks after and we got along rlly well and he said he's on my side and wants me to be happy. We have only snapped since then but I friend suggested the since he now lives close to fest while I live farther


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  • Nope, because now you're just using him for the sake of using him. Sleep on the ground or something, stop using people.


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  • I don't see what good can happen from involving a ex in your life again like that. Ex's are ex's for a reason and it's best they stay in your past. I think it is weird to ask that of him.


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