When guy text and say it's my bday I want to see you?

it his birthday I had no idea. not like he don't give me signs he likes me at all I like him a lot I don't either tell him I like he text said it my birthday I wan to see you.
guys what does this mean


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  • This means ilu ilu ulaaa la


What Girls Said 1

  • He just wants birthday sex. Guys are very simple. And if you're not already dating him, that text just means he only wants your kitty kat nothing more.

    • ouch. yea he has not asked me out... sucks I have two children he has 1 mine are 3 n under... I don't know I guess if he really want me he would try. I guess I just want him to try Harder. wonder if he knows I like himZ I didn't go see him on bday...

    • Oh cool! I think you should make plans to hang out for lunch on a weekend. I notice when a guy really likes you, he'll definitely make plans during the day. If he has children and takes care of them, he would know you can't just drop everything and come see him. He would make plans with you when it's convenient for you. Plus text that only say 'come see me' usually means he likes you but only for sexual favors. This guy seems questionable. Just my two cents.

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