Is he going to leave me?

my boyfriend says im bipolar we have been dating 8 months - cause ill be so happy one moment and then ill get really sad and i just never know why im sad and im so scared he's going to leave me what should i do?
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i can't control my mood either..


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  • Hehe I know that feelin'... anywho don't worry about it. Talk it out with him and let him understand you have your moments and you just need him more than ever when you have your... bad moments.

    Tis all good :3. Don't sweat!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Considering that he's only 15, and has his whole life ahead of him, he has no reason to be tied down to someone that he sees as mentally unstable.

    If someone keeps voicing their opinion of how unhappy they are, it's only a matter of time before they take action and actually leave.
    So, It is possible he may leave you.

    Since you know what's wrong... why not try to work on things?
    What's causing you to feel sad?
    No one feels emotionally for no apparent reason.
    There's probably things subconsciously you are thinking about that are contributing to your sudden shift in emotion.
    Try to dig into that.


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  • You should see a doctor about it. It's likely hormones or depression, not bi-polar. Bi-polar is more severe and you don't change your mood within days, you may have severe depression for months and then be fine for weeks or months.

  • Relax he won' leave you. You're getting paranoid for no reason.

  • Have you ever considered counselling?

  • Does it happen frequently? I mean, if he is serious with you, he probably won't leaves you. However, you have to learn to control your mood for your own good. Hope it helps :)

  • I doubt he will.


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