Do relationships end as quickly as they begin?

It seems to me like that is the case. Ending a relationship can happen at any time, then you are back to being depressive, only to date the next girl and be happy again? Sounds to me like happiness and depression are constant emotions at play for everyone during their lifetime. Whether it be on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis.


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  • It depends, some couples, no matter how hard they try to get on the same page, just aren't compatible. Things usually start off okay because their differing opinions about everything make things interesting and actually create a lot of passion.

    But eventually, once they want to settle down and start making some real life, adult decisions, their opposite points of view start to cause conflict.

    Opposites attract to a certain extent, but when it comes to creating a life together, raising children and staying connected, incompatibility can cause more frustration than it's worth and will often be the main factor driving a couple apart.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for the opinion. Would just like to point out that you are stunning as fuck.. Good day

    • Thank you so much.

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  • First. : If that happenned to you that«s because it just wasn't meant to be. Second : "Ending a relationship can happen at any time, then you are back to being depressive, only to date the next girl and be happy again?" That sounds like ur a very weak person and you fall in love too easily. IF a quick relationship like 2/3 weeks , ends up and you're already depressed because of a "crush" , then i dont know what a good healthy and longlast relationship will do to you O. o' . Learn from you mistakes , be a man. and stay tall when u should stay down. , cause life it's not easy not for you not for anyone.

    • None of the girls I dated last 2-3 weeks. They were always a few months

    • It applies the same thing. That isn't a relationship worth even talking about dude. It's just months. A FEW months. <.<'

    • 6-8 months is actually quite abit of time

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  • Yes, happiness and sadness are constant emotions, but they aren't based on dating alone. Lots of factors can influence this.


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