After a year of my boyfriends annoying ex, I will finally come face to face with her in two weeks at an outing, What should I wear and do?

His ex has been a huge pain to me, she acts super strange on facebook tagging herself in our photos when she isn't in them, messaging my boyfriend trying to start stuff and having all thier annoying kissy photos all over her profile after 1 and half of being broken up. Never dealt with an ex before and i hate the drama. I just want to show up looking attractive but not like i am trying hard to impress. I also dont want to act botchy but i also want her to know whats up. What the heck am I suppose to do, wear or say!


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  • the most sexy clothes you have, or better darling: Go shopping!!

    just ignore her and give your boyfriend a little bit more attention than you usually do.


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  • Relax here, dear, and Begin your Beguine of going shopping for just the right thing that won't make you look like you are This... Fling.
    Being Distasteful is no way to get this 'Not like i am trying hard to impress' off to a First time sizzling step, so make sure it is something Nice, casual, fitting and Appropriate. Perhaps a nice sun dress, no low cut, and even a fitting pair of jeans or a pair of khaki Capri's to the knees is nice. A lovely pair of sandals to show off the toes and while you are at it, make a day at the hair salon to add a nice touch.
    Go in, arm in arm, and this will Automatically let her know, who has the Tag on Who now. Be gracious, be polite but Not Obvious where she will Smartly surmise any phony baloney.
    If you want to end the madness, maybe it is also time to speak to your SO of blocking her and keeping her at bay by Blocking her from Facebook.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Tell me more about this outing? Is it a night event? Is it a festival? What's your body type? I'll help you shop online. Lol

    First things first: The best way to make an impression is to be the most warm, vibrant, fun girl in that room. Show everyone a good time. Make it a mission to make sure everyone there laughs, smiles, and enjoys themselves. Or at least the people you go there with. Really focus on the event. Enjoy the unique features of the outing and submerge yourself into the positive, enjoyable things about it. Smile huge, throw your head back in laughter, and seek to genuinely have a good time. Be affectionate with your boyfriend. Not overly affectionate but little things like pulling him away with delighted eyes and an adventurous smirk. Whisper something in his ear with a grin... perhaps as inside joke or something naughty/sexy he has to look forward to when you leave :) Hold yourself with a lot of pride and confidence. Hold your upper body from your core, shoulders back, back straight. It may feel awkward if you're not used it but it looks great. Exude chill, cool, confidence like you realize you are in control of your evening.

    All the while, completely treat his ex like air. :) You know she's there but you don't see or hear her. You don't even remember to acknowledge her existence because you are so consumed and focused on everything and everyone else besides her. This will get under her skin and ensure that you don't let her strange behavior ruin your time!


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