How do I get over the fact there is a lot of stuff ima miss out on and a lot of things I won't ever have in life?

im 19 and im poor af lol. I've been to jail already and facing 5 years. Im currently loocking for a job and getting my college paid for in hopes of maybe getting my case thrown out bc of my life change but as it looks i might go t o jail cause i can't even get a job and i need a job so i can get a car to go to school lol. Im not good with women and i dont like to chase girls cause i know im poor and broke and what real women wants that. I know i prob won't get another girlfriend until i am successful and i f i never am then i prob won't ever have one. im just trying to accept this sucky ass life god gave me and make the best out of it i dont like thiknkin about girls when i know im not attractive to them and i hate thinking about being broke and im trying as hard as i can with what i have to get a job. im basically by myself my family doesn't help i have a couple friends but they can't help me fr or be there like family would i have no support team just me waking up chasing a dream t obe successful and have a spouse and kids someone just tell me how to get over my dreams and my sucky life so maybe even though i have nothing i can maybe be happy


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  • My friend, number one, stop complaining. :)

    Number two, start saving money, and focus on school. I have a feeling you could find a solution in which you did not own a car yet could work a job and get to school and back. Save the money a car (and gas, and insurance, and repairs, and parking, and maintenance) would cost and put it in the bank. Presto! You ain't poor no more. :)

    Do what you need to do to be successful in school (most students do not)--seek help when you need it, become known in class for asking questions and contributing, do your best academically.

    Don't spend money on stupid shit. Eat right. No fast food. Buy the reduced price stuff at the grocery store. Real food, not processed shit. Shop at thrift stores for your clothes. Save money.

    If you end up going to jail, do what you can to get an education while you're inside, and get out early for good behavior. Also, do not ever again do anything which could result in potential incarceration.

    Bottom line: Man up. Good luck.


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