Is this girl I met online interested in me?

I met this girl on okcupid, we started to text for the past 3 days. We have small chats and learn stuff about each other. On the second day, she texted me saying "you must take a lot of girls out." I reply with "how about I just take you out." The we just keep texting for the rest of the night. On the third day, while we are texting each other, she ask out of nowhere "So when are you going to take me out." Is she interested in me? I have never had a girl ask me that before.


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  • Yes congrats... Dude stop overthinking... Lemme know when you actually see her and she doesn't get cold feet and stood u up.

    • Went on date, I got super scared cause she is much prettier in person. She's the one that did most of the talking. After date, tell me wouldn't work out and suggest I talk more and make more eye contact next time. Forever Alone :(

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    • -_-, I was just giving you the update like you asked.

    • I know. 😅

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  • Yeah she's interested. Take her out bro. Go out on a date with her.


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  • wow... you must be a special kind of stupid if you don't see this. YES. geesh.


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