Why do women claim men have really high standards?

Seriously, the only real standard for most men is that you're at least somewhat in shape and try looking half-way decent. Men don't really care how low your self-esteem may be, how shitty you may be mentally, or stuff like that. If you're at least a 6 most men would at least go on a date with you, and a 5 would still get you a lot of men. And, hell, there are still many men that would date obese women and the like. Women, on the other hand, often only date 9s or 10s. Ultra confident guys, this whole alpha, perfect life, not the slightest hint of having a single fucking issue in life type men. However, if you're, I don't know, human, and actually feel upset about shit, or you're not completely confident (because, why the fuck would you be), or you give a shit about anything, or you're more passive than aggressive, you're garbage and not worthy of licking the scum off her shoe. And women say men have high standards, HA!


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  • Well you can't change your face can you? You can get fit but if your face isn't super pretty you're fucked.
    Guys and girls both have high standards.

    • Most girls aren't so ugly facially that most guys would never touch them. Most girls are average, and most guy would date average girls, even above average guys, except, most average girls have freakishly high standards. For a guy you just have to be okay looking for the most part, for a woman you have to be a physical god and have whatever their nebulous and vague definition of the "perfect personality" is.

    • Hahaha, nope. Guys always seem to run adter the hot girls they can't get. Then they'll complain how girls are bitches who have hugh standards. Girls don't demand perfect looks. And even if you didn't have perfect face, being an awesome person who makes us laugh, and having some sense of style usually fixes that. Guys demand goddesess and apparently think they are the "average girls".

  • Not all women are like that

    • Not all people can see either

    • I can see just fine thank you

    • You didn't even get my analogy. Not all generalizations are wrong is the point, most humans can see but some are blind.

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