Keep in contact with a girl who has a boyfriend in the event they break up?

I had been talking to a girl who has a boyfriend for about two months. Things started naturally progressing between us even though we both adhered to some restrictions (like no kissing and other things that would be considered cheating). We were both genuinely interested in each other, but ultimately decided to cool things off because her relationship situation prevented us from moving things in the direction we wanted.

She has had a pretty terrible relationship with her current boyfriend (she's caught him talking to multiple other women and potentially cheating on her), but can't bring herself to leave him even though she wants to. When we discussed cooling things off we did so in order for her to figure out what she wants to do with her current boyfriend. I don't believe it's going to last and am interested in keeping in touch with her to keep the light on in case things end between her and this guy.

What is the best way for me to keep in touch while also moving on with my life? I genuinely am interested in this girl and could see things progressing in the future if we were free from her relationship situation.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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  • Every now and then send her a message, "How are things going?" "What's new?" Strike up some conversation (like friends naturally would).

    I admire you for not interfering and taking a distance at this.

    Just keep in mind, "When" and "If" things do actually end with her ex. you can't immediately move in.
    She needs time to get over him... you don't want to be the rebound guy.
    You don't want her to be with you when her heart is with someone else.


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