Girls, could you date a guy with a foot fetish?

I'm just curious, I've always had an attraction to 3 aspects of a girl, her face needs to be pretty, her body needs to be slender and she needs to have decent feet (although typically they match body size so if slender it's usually fine, but it's odd for feet to be in there I know, and I'm not a freak about it, I'm a normal not perverted guy it's just something I've noticed. So girls would this be too strange for you?
  • I wouldn't mind, hey more foot rubs!
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  • I wouldn't like that but wouldn't stop me from being with someone
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  • No way, to weird for me
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  • I wouldn't mind it.


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  • GaG Foot Guys have put me off foot fetishists forever.

  • I'd very much rather not. I find foot fetish max weird, it kinda creeps me out and I don't get it, sorry xD

    • I've always thought it weird how girls like some guys with like pretty boy, or hipster haircuts, they just look like children and tools, same goes for long goth type hair so I mean it evens out, hell I don't get why other guys can be so attracted to a girls bottom they fail to see the rest of her is overweight etc but it shouldn't creep you out though, yeah you don't have to agree but to consider someone weird for having a sexual characteristic like that they didn't choose is not right. I'm not saying you're like some people but I thinks it's ridiculous society is totally accepting of gay or transgender etc yet what I and more guys than you know, consider just a slight turn on that compliments the whole package of a woman's body, is considered perverted or bad. Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean it's bad. Again not wanting to start fires just pointing out it gets a bad rep it doesn't deserve

  • Like... Who is paying for all the necessary foot maintenance? Him or me?

    • Maintenance? Besides basic sanitory procedures, (showers) there's nothing special

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    • Oh they totally do. Cracked or callused feet totally disgust them. Just ask Klaatu.

    • Huh, well as I said I have a bit of this foot deal and as long as there's no cankles or they aren't Bigfoot I don't care haha, now I'm not like some guys who that's all they notice I need to be physically attracted to her face and slender frame first and that's actually a way bigger attraction so I must just have got hit with a small dose of the fetish. But hey I guess I could pay for manicures etc if I found a girl I liked that much

  • Oh lordy, I'm in 😜

  • Not something I care about.


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