What would your ideal boyfriend/girlfriend be like?

Looks, personality, everything!


Most Helpful Guy

  • she stands 5' 8" and weighs in the area of 135 to 145 athletic build, with a few curves. Her hair is long and black, coming down to the middle of her shoulders, straight, and her bangs are loose and pulled to the sides. Her eyes are that blue that is clear as ice almost grey (they turn grey when she's mad), and shaped in an that middle eastern almond shape. She has a small pert nose above the bee sting shaped lips (think 1940's girl), not the overly big ones that are so popular today.
    She has D cups that are solid with pert dark nipples and has a slight 6 pack.
    She dresses "Haute Goth," when we go out, steam punk for fun and yoga cloths (black of course) around the house.

    Personality wise, she has a taste for the bizarre and is always up for an adventure. She reads classic 17th century novels as a hobby, and speaks ancient languages (Classical Italian, Egyptian, Gaelic, for a start) and is studying Sanskrit. She is a runner, yoga practitioner, studies combat form Tia Chi, and meditates regularly.

    She is a practicing hedge witch, and keeps a full garden, and loves all things growing. She's vegetarian, but not preachy about it. Prefers to bike or walk rather then ride. Submissive in bed but dominate in life, works out of the home as an artist or photographer and makes enough to be independent.

    Loves to both give and receive gifts, and is generous with her time, money and smile. Has no problem with being alone, but loves my company. Is not afraid to drop everything to go play for a day, week or even a month. Always up to try new restaurants, and styles of food.

    Dances in the rain

    She's supportive of my crazy ideas, even if it doesn't seem to be a good one to her. Is willing to play both Dom and sub in play but is honestly more sub then Dom.

    Is that enough?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Practices religion, good behavior, good character, modest, respectful, loves giving hugs, rational/practical but not strict.

    Doesn't mind bad cook, patient, has similar goals/views as me.

    Doesn't mind dancing (not the crazy dance)
    Healthy, keeps fit/takes care of his health.

    Not a strict frugalist (?) I like shopping... so..

    Doesn't mind hooking arms.

    Eh, that's all I can think of now. :)


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  • Looks- Fair skin or natural tan/asian/black ( no fake tans ), small perky breasts, thin or curvy

    Personality- Strong, Independent, wise, empathetic, compassionate, great and open communicator, adventurous, funny and high sexed


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't think about ideal much but someone I can get along with and be into a lot.

  • Just like Zac efron.


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