Girls, Why do girls just want to date?

I've met & flirted with a few of beautiful girls in my life (from 2014-now, 6) but at the same time these girls act like theyre into me and act like I'm attractive when they just want to date. Why do girls do this? These girls I met seem so cool and are so attractive positive smart and sexy but they just want to date. They act bad sexy and flirty and theyre so cool and then all of a sudden they want to date me? why do they mess with me like this?
I dont use or flirt with a LOT of women (I kinda like being used now that I think of it :) ) I'm a friends w/ benefits type of person and I thought a good 75-90% of everyone was like that but so many cool, awesome and attractive girls want to date and it confuses the heck outta me


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  • Are you serious?


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