Need advice, dating a girl who is one of my coworkers ex girlfriend?

So I just met this girl last week. She is really amazing. I had no ideal who she was or with until today. Well it turns out this girl is my co worker ex girlfriend. I feel extremely horrible we just had sex last night, and at the time I didn't know.

The guy I work with at first we always used to bump heads and now we have become really close. Now that I found out I'm seeing his ex girlfriend, I have this guilt that hangs over me every time I see him. It makes me paranoid like he knows. The trouble is that I want to keep him as a friend and I don't want to make work awkward, but I really like this girl soo much, that I can't stop thinking about her.

What should I do about this. I feel like I should tell him but don't know how to without making him hate me, and I took in the fact that I didn't know who she used to date till today. Someone please give good advice.


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  • Does she know you're her ex's coworker? How does she feel about that? If they broke up a while ago maybe try talking with him since he's someone you're cool with but overall you're into this girl now so if every thing is good between you, there is no reason to worry about what a third person thinks. Anyway, I think you'll feel better knowing you got it off your chest whether he gets mad or not. Good luck.

    • Yea she knows, we were talking about where I work n stuff and that's when it was brought up. But he broke up with her February this year, and they were together for 2 yeara

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    • One more question. Obviously you will get the points for this. So I was talking to him about ex girlfriends in general just to find stuff out. Apparently when they broke up he had to change his number, so he also told me that she hacked into his Facebook account and managed to get his new number, so he changed it again. Now she has no contact with him at all. But when I'm with her or texting her she still talks about him is this a bad sign considering what I know?

    • Okay sounds sketchy... how comfortable do you feel telling him you met her? Maybe you could ease it in gently, but I'll be honest, pay close attention to everything but remember there's two sides to every story and you'll probably never hear the truth. Its been a while there's no reason to keep mentioning him, maybe she's kind of stalking him. I don't want to offend you but she seems interested in him and it sounds a bit like a love triangle. Not sure if you want to sign up for that drama. Message me or comment here if you wanna talk more

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