Guys, how would you feel if a girl ghosted you after telling you her feelings?

For the men who don't know the defintion of ghosting it is, when someone just randomly stops talking to you out of the blue and doesn't contact you anymore

i been talking to this guy for two weeks. We met on pof. We had good conversation as well. Except he would get angry with me randomly and would always tell me he didn't trust me. He would constantly ask me why I was interested in him and always say he was surprised I was giving him a chance. The first time we started talking about feelings I told him I was still going to talk to other men and he seemed upset. But I didn't really care. Then one night he randomly sent me a picture with him and this girl. I just said oh she's hot and he got mad cuz I didn't get jealous. Then a couple of days ago I told him how I really felt about him and that I had interest in him and wasn't talking to any other guys. He said oh okay if that's what you want. But then I said I would want to until I see where things goes with us. He just said okay wow okay. The next day I texted him and he never replied. So I just blocked his number


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  • Been ghosted a few times. It seems to be the norm these days. But for the record, yeah ghosting makes you feel like shit. I mean rejection sucks thats a given, but at least someone that is upfront with you gives you a bit of closure.

    I see ghosting as the equivalent of what sillylittle girls used to do in High School when they didn't have the guts to break up with a guy; they asked their friends to tell him its over. Its gutless and immature.

    • True but he was texting me less one day

    • I bet he hasn't even texted me

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