Is he embarrassed to be seen w/me in his regular place?

At 1st he never hung out as his reg bar w/out me. A couple months ago he started hanging out alone w/a group of his friends that I met through him, we were always together when going places w/this group. Usually when we hang out we don't go anywhere (which is fine) or we don't really meet up w/these people in the bar unless they happen to be there, a lot of times I wanted to go out, but he didn't "feel like it". It got to a point where he never went to the bar w/me but was hanging out w/these friends 1-2 times a week w/out inviting me, until I told him how I felt and he started including me. This is making me feel extremely self conscious as it seems that he is ashamed for me to be hanging out w/this particular group of people. Am I reading to much into this? Should I ask him? by the way the other day I was invited by one of those people in the group and I invited him. I want him to have his own chill time, but what bugged me was when we would hang out he wouldn't feel like going anywhere outside of his/my house. I know guys need their "guy" time, but that group does contain girls so I'm not really sure. Also he was never a party type of guy and very rarely does he go out.


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  • he just wants some space.


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