Do I forget about the younger girl or reach out to her?

i meet her during the summer , we had a little friendship and she worked at a restaurant i went to often. there was definity a connection and we got along well but she was a lot younger than me although i never felt age diff really an issue. now she has taken off for school and i haven't seen her for a bit and torn between just forgetting about her for time being or trying to reach out to her online and see if she shows any interest in staying in touch , i'm so torn at the moment


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  • Age is just a Number, Not a Reminder, so don't make it a Hindrance to constantly haunt you nor stop you From... Trying to reach out to her online.
    I feel it is Now Old Mother Nature who just may want you to nurse and nurture this 'Little friendship.' I am not sure how old she is and as long as she is over 18, I see no big deal that should Tear at your heart So.. Start. This may Serve you well here, dear.
    Good luck and Go for it. xx

    • I'm still so torn about the whole thing but realise its not a big deal to just say hi, I'm just not sure where this is going

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    • it was weird I first meet her at beach and she was in this crazy hot bikini and oddly she started to talk to me and seemed into me , then she got all upset when I wouldn't tell her how old I was. so we meet randomly then she started a summer job at a restaurant I go to , so I saw her there a lot , she also got into bar one night with fake id and we hung out and I bought her a drink , we never like dated or had sex that summer just talked and such , she is like 17 or 18 but she looks older than her age ,

    • I have a cousi who is dating a 44 year old man. She is 27. They fight a lot because with age of course there is going to be a difference of actions and opinions. This is the Only thing sometimes.
      If you want to start something, make sure it is something you can finish. Going slow, maybe being friends and seeing where it may go, is harmless, unless you find she is One hot number that can this be impossible to uphold. xx

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  • reach out to her!

  • Reach out. No big deal

    • she had suggested when we first meet to use snapchat or facebook but at time I said no to idea as I wasn't on either site , so wonder if she might wonder why I now decided to reach out to her?

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