How do I ask her out now that I have talked to her?

Finally did it she sits right next to me in my math class. It was so simple I just said did you finish all the homeworks. She said no and has a hard time with math just like me. We talked all class even distrupted class a little hahaha. But I really like her and I want to ask her out. I have never straight up asked a girl out even know I had the confidence to talk to her I am still a little nervous about what she would say. Any advice on how I should ask her out.


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  • If you don't already know you should find out what she's into. Then design a date around something you both like.

    For example, let's say you find out you both like old horror movies. Maybe you find out if they are showing any old horror films nearby. At the end of class the next day you mention that you wanted to go to a classic horror film marathon at the local theater and ask her to go with you. It can be anything just make sure its something you will both enjoy doing.

    If she' s into you she will either say yes or suggest that you meet up another time (if this happens it is imperative that you ask for her # if don't have it already). Just be you and be confident. If she flat out rejects you then it wasn't meant to be. As long as you relax you should be fine. Good luck bro! You can do it!


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  • If she seems like someone you want to date, then try doing what I did. Treat her to dinner a few times. This does 2 things: let's you get to know her better and tests her if she wants to split the bill. You must insist on paying though. Apparently girls like being treated to things lol. then ask her on an official "date" once you are comfortable enough.

  • You say can we spend some more time together or can you walk her he or can you talk some more after school or you say "Will you be my girlfriend"? That is plenty enough. Don't wait to long, and control the talk how you want it to go with consideration to your beautiful girl. Don't think for one second what might happen. As a man you are to let her know you like instantly. She will respect you no greater than assurance and no need to guess. I guarantee it and that is what she expects of you. You should not be humiliated or embarresed by being your sexuality. Now ask her to be your girlfriend be considerate and go get your woman! If she says no, don't ever sweat it, just say okay and don't talk to her. This is what a man does. She can only talk to you afterwards after you stay on her mind.


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