Where to meet guys?

i'm high school aged, homeschooled, working a full-time job, and have a very minimal social life. where the hell can I meet guys? I don't go to activities at my local public school, I don't play any sports or have any hobbies... there's only one guy I've really talked to in the past 9 months, and I met him at 6 flags; he just happened to live 20 minutes away from me haha. someone give me ideas?


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  • Well, there are ways! It is not hopeless, and cudos for not wanting to meet people in chat rooms and send naked pics.

    Think about your family, no don't date them, but who might they be able to introduce you to. I'm not sure how big your family is, but cousins, aunts, it could be worth exploring. I'm sure you have some female friends, and there has to be some brothers in there! The biggest thing is not to limit your options. It doesn't sound like it's a problem for you, but I can't stand homeschoolers who are only interested in other homeschoolers. You say you have no hobbies, but surely you do something. Are you involved in church activities? Don't give up, you will find someone! And as to the guy you work with, maybe just wait it out :-)

    • i said the guy I worked with was 2. he's a toddler. I babysit him. as for family: i only have a mom, nobody else. i have two friends, one has a brother who is way too old for me and the other is an only child. i'm not religious, I honestly do have no hobbies.

      and i am in no way limiting my options. i just don't have any options.

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    • it's hard to catch on to sarcasm or joking when not face to face haha sorry. you do bring up a good point tho :)

    • It's cool :) a lot of guys on gag get rude easily, so that makes it hard to see who's kidding anyway. Thanks for the MHO, PM me some time and let me know how it is going!

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  • Hmmm try people at work? If that doesn't work pick up a hobby and go out. Like swimming, painting or something. But if you just want to chat with guys there's a lot of websites and applications for that!

    • a) my work is babysitting... the only guy I'm meeting there is a 2 year old
      b) all the apps and websites are shallow af and just want nudes and I ain't about that life lmao

      sorry if it seems like I just shot down your ideas lol, just saying

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    • Oh fish! How did I miss that?:D well you can still try talking to me sorry but I can't let you get ahead on this ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    • ...

      did you SEE my age? i think you need to get your sight checked

  • Find yourself a new job, at a fast-food joint or movie theater or something.

    • I get paid 12 hour here and I get to work full time (saving up to buy a car, not a rich girl). if I worked somewhere else they'd only pay minimum wage (minus taxes) and I'd only get a few hours a week because it's illegal for someone my age to work more than 20 hours (or something like that) a week due to child labor laws unless it's working for an individual instead of a company. and any other job i'd get would be for a company. this is a bomb-ass job man, i'm not giving that up.

    • Then I guess that you ain't gonna meet no dudes.

    • because i'm not gonna quit my job i can't have a social life? wow you kinda need a big ass reality check.

  • Game/Comics conferences \o/

  • The mall๐Ÿ˜€

  • what about the mall?
    the movies?
    the park?

    • nine times out of ten I only see chicks at the mall haha, and how are you supposed to meet anyone at the movies?
      and honesty, where I live, the only guys i'd meet at the park would be in elementary school lol

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    • yeah... at the few parks around where I live there's always just 5 year olds playing soccer with their families or whatnot. i never knew guys just hung around at the movies lol guess i've never really payed attention

    • yea we just stand around like dickheads before the movie starts and one of us is usually like "bet you 10$ I'm gunna get her#" even though nothing happens lmfao

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