Do you believe leagues more or less exist?

Title says it all. I have my own opinion about it which I'll share later, but for now I'd like to get your opinions on the matter.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Leagues definitely exist and are a combination of looks and other categories. The problems start when people only want those way out of their league. Sorry to be blatant about it and no one wants to hear it; sugar coat it however you want but there have always been leagues. Some couples may go against the odds, but they are the exception and not the rule.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yes I do but it’s not entirely based on appearance like most people think.

    I think your league is determined by a combination of looks, status, and personality and then based on those attributes you have a combined score and people will generally date those who have similar scores.

    • Thanks for sounding off. Don't forget to vote if you haven't.

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  • I believe they exist, but only on a person-to-person basis.

    That said, I do understand that there are certain traits (both physical and personality characteristics) that are generally more attractive than others. But still, it's all up to what the two individuals like and think about it.

  • At any given time, there are three leagues for most people:

    1) those that are better than me
    2) those that are equal to me
    3) those that are less than me

    Going about our business each day, we encounter people, size them up and compare ourselves to them. I'm not talking about filling out a spreadsheet with stats. It's more of an instantaneous gut reaction. It's quite normal to recognize your own kind. When you see someone that differs from you significantly, you notice that as well.

    What is noteworthy here is that each person makes their own assessment. I may look at a wealthy person and think of them as being out of my league. At the same time, they may look at me and think "I would give it all up to have his happy family life."

    What this means is that our assessment of leagues is purely subjective. We only know how we place ourselves in relation to others. We have very little knowledge of where we fit in other people's assessments. How many people have considered me their equal or better, while I'm stuck in thinking that it is me who is out of their league?

  • There are two possibilities. Either leagues exist in EVERY aspect of the life or they just don't.

    A guy didn't prepare for exam, A+ is out of his league
    A guy is injured and didn't practice well, scoring goals is out of his league
    The same way,
    If a guy is shy, unattractive, sleazeball etc. Getting a good girl is out of his league.

    Simple as that. It is dependent upon what you are at that specific juncture when you are about to try your luck.

    Yeah. Luck plays a role too. What if that guy got answer key? What if that guy scored a goal because keeper had a sneeze. The same way, what if that guy finally got that girl because she liked his other factor like his business, family or something like that.

    Generally, leagues are perceived as to be dependent solely on looks but truly speaking, that's sooo untrue. I used to think that they exist in my teens. But when those two 'out-of-my-league' girls approached me, I was stunned. I realised that how stupid I was. Just because I consider myself to be not that dashing and they are so captivating. It doesn't mean that I'd not get them. Maybe I'm harshly judging myself, maybe she likes me for what I am and not for how do I look. And I can always improve myself. And beauty is just subjective.

    Your personality, character, views, beliefs, opinions, standard, status, looks, class, worth, background, talent, skill, choices, timing, luck & the other person at that specific time will decide your league.

    Personally, I live as there are no leagues because if I don't believe on myself, nobody else will. For me, I'm the best person for myself.

    Voted B - leagues kinda exist because we make them ourselves. :)

  • I believe some people think they do, but in reality they don't this can simply be proven when looking at couples around the world.

    Leagues are more or less just a persons ego or own insecurities getting the best of them, one person may think they are just so great that only a person on the same level is deserving of them or worth their time.

    While another person doesn't think highly of themselves enough and doesn't feel like they deserve or could get a person they believe to be above them.

  • Only at the very high and very low levels. For example, if someone is born into money they're probably going to marry into money; if they are born extremely uncharacteristically attractive, they're probably going to marry into money or become famous. Everyone else is pretty much on the same level.

  • They "kind of exist". I don't think it's as rigid. There are many examples of relationships where the levels of physical attractiveness vary greatly.

    I think they exist in that you can't be so idealistic to say that a scum who lives in their parents' basement has the potential to end up with a beautiful smart woman with ambition and wealth in her life or vice versa.

    More or less, you need to look for people that are similar to you and on your level overall, and if you're not satisfied with that, "improve" your level.

  • Leagues certainly exist. It's all about money, of course.
    Guys and girls with money don't date or marry poor girls and guys. They might f*ck them, of course.


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