Why is he doing this since he's back?

This guy act like he likes me, but he has or had a girlfriend and he went for vacation for a week. since he came back he won't take he's eyes off me and he now smiles and acts more extrovert than introvert and he still wants to be all over my business. I ignore him but the more I do I feel he wants to be in my face and if I talk to a guy he stays close by or keeps an eye on me. I though he would change but I guess not.
And he still chickens out and not talk to me , I would only say hi but that would make things worse because he won't take he's eyes off me when we do talk I'm the one who looks away.


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  • What do you want him to do? If you want him to leave you alone, then tell him to back off. If you want him to ask you out, you may have to do it.

    • I don't want him doing this because it messes with my head he has a girlfriend and I backed off because of it I respect her and the relationship they have I'm not one of those girls I do like him and a lot and it pains me we can even say hi to each other only work related and that's every lifetime because he's afraid to talk to me and so I'm I.

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    • It is a game he is playing. He will never say to you "i am selfish." But he is. It is a game he is playing no doubt. Just move on.

    • A game he play well so save he's azz because he team up with a few team leaders and said that I was in love with him he complain to my boss because I found out he's a gossip girl type of guy what a hypocrete when he's the one who acted like a jealous boyfriend and he doesn't take he's eyes off me even today he went running like a rat that he is behind me when he saw me waking to the office and then I saw him gosseping with the other so called team leaders

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