Guys, what would you mean by asking this?

I was hanging out with a friend and a friend of hers a while back at the cottage. I have him on Facebook and he's pretty close with my friend so I'm sure he'd have an idea whether or not I'm single. Anyway, he randomly asked me "How's your boyfriend doing?" To which I replied I don't have a boyfriend. Do you think this was a discreet way of finding out if I'm single without straight up asking me? What do you guys think? Would you ask this to a girl you may be attracted to?


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  • Maybe attracted or maybe inquisitive or maybe a flirt.
    i ask just for laughs and to make her wonder... i like to do that!!!

    • Wel you're a bit of a tease lol thanks for confusing women everywhere ;)

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    • I don't I wasn't lying to him hahaha

    • Ohh i trust ya olright and thanks fo letting me know your single, ill keep that in mind :P hahaaaaaa

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  • He's probably trying to find out if you're single. He obviously didn't go about it in the most subtle way. :-)

    If I'm interested in a woman, I'll ask for her phone number. If she's involved with someone, she'll let me know.

    • Well it was more subtle than asking straight up do you have a boyfriend lol I guess I'm just trying to figure out if it meant something or he was just genuinely curious

  • Yeah, makes sense.


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