I would like to stay friends but not have any feelings, help?

I would like to stay friends but not have any feelings, help?

I like her. She says she doesn't have any boyfriend but she's very close with her ex. She considers him her bestfriend, she says. I don't know if they're secretly dating or not, she won't tell me.

Today was her birthday.
I bought a doreamon teddy bear (cause she watches doraemon sometimes :p) and about 5 nail paints (she loves painting nails). I gave it to her in class. She thanked me but we didn't talk much, she left. Afterwards she messaged that she thought her mom was there so she left in a hurry. Few hours later though, she called and thanked me for the gift. I was thrilled that she loved it.

Later at night I knocked her on whatsapp asking how her day went. She was replying slowly. And all she talked about what her ex did for her. He showed up by surprise, bought a cake, teddy bear and so much more. All she talked about was her ex. I do feel bad but I'm happy for her. If her ex makes her happy, who am I to intervene. I do feel like my gift wasn't important or it didn't factor to her being so happy today, for which I'm a little hurt, I won't lie. I just think that it's about time I move on because her ex is always going to be the one, even though they are currently ex. But we have classes together, like 5 days a week and it will go on for about a couple more months I think. I do not want to ruin any friendship with her but how do I stay friends with her but not have any feelings? Thanks in advance!


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  • To be true friends you can't hold back information or lie to each other.

    Tell her how you jack off thinking about one of your classmates.


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