Is this great irony in dating?

Well, I went out on a date and had a great time. She even texted me 5 minutes afterwards saying how much she enjoyed it ( in the bag ;) haha )..
Only problem was I was slightly unsure. I definitely liked her more than a pump and dump and didn't want to play her, or fuck around with her emotions... though on the other hand I wasn't sure if she had enough about her to be more than an option...
Long story short after a couple more weeks I got brushed off because I never really was assertive enough with her or my intentions
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  • Well that's kinda how dating works. You go on dates to see if you're feeling it with someone or not. You can't blame anyone for realizing it's not meant to be. That's the risk of dating. All you can do really is have fun and see where it goes. That's how my outlook is when it comes to dating. Once you start taking it too seriously then it's when people get their hearts broken. If you really like someone then make sure they know though. If you're not sure then be friendly but don't go too overboard. If you do realize there is something then switch it up and start paying more attention to avoid what happened to you.


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  • well yeah if ur being vague with ur intentions she isn't gonna give u too much thought unless she's into that sort of thing.

    i dont mind a guy being a little vague, but if he stretches out for a long time i do begin to question things.

    next time just try to make your position clear from the earlier stages. also, if you're the kind of guy who does the whole 'pump and dump' shit, then committing to a woman may be a bit of a challenge for u.

  • classic! .


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