Roomate or more?

I met a guy a year and a half ago. We hooked up a few times then he left the state. While he was gone we talked. He moved back and in with me and my roommate. We slept in the same bed but stopped hooking up after he moved in. He asked me to get a place with just the two of us, so we did. We got a 2 bed 2 bath apt because we are just friends... so i thought. I have feelings for him, always have, but assumed he didn't after a while of him not to be physical with me. I can handle being his friend but there is something going on between us that I don't understand. Here is a list of things he does that he currently does that confuses me. *acts rude to any dates i bring around but ok to my guy friends *asks me 1000 questions about any date I go on *wants to spend all/most of his free time with me *expects me to take care of him i. e. fed him, clean the house, make doctors appts for and in return he does "man stuff" around the house i. e. fixing stuff, takin the trash out, etc. *asks me to touch him i. e. rub his back, rub my fingers in his hair, hug him *doesn't talk to other women. No dating on his part at all. He is very good looking but ignores girls (at least in front of me) *doesn't correct people that call me his girlfriend * pays for everything when we go out See why I'm confused? Help me understand this situation. I can't go on in this relationship being so undefined. Is it a lack of attraction? Is he unsure if I have feels for him? What would cause a man to act like this? Thoughts? Advice?


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  • there is totally attraction!


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