Is my friends with benefits catching feelings?

At work today he came over and said "I miss you"

My friends with benefits doesn't want me to leave in the morning ever. I have to go to work or I have to go home and today he was not happy. Its 5:30 am im getting ready to leave. He said "Oh no, you got your clothes on you punk. Just sleep a litle longer. Its crazy people on the rode" After trying to get me to stay and holding on to me I finally got dressed

He said "Alright baby drive save" he kissed my hand.


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  • Yes. This is a common occurrence in these friends with benefits relationships because people are not honest with themselves about their feelings and motivations.


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  • he totally is!

  • Let me speak from experience, yeah maybe he has feelings but will he commit? No. You want to know why? Because your giving him everything he wants without having to make a sacrifice he is living the ultimate dream. So why will a guy give up his freedom when he's getting everything he wants anyways?


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