What would you rather do for a fun night with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

i am just generally curious
  • Go out on a date
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  • Go for a long walk
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  • Home made dinner
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  • Go to the Cinema
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  • Gaming night (Video Games)
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  • Watch some of your favorite movies
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  • other (Comment)
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What Girls Said 3

  • A combo of B, C, and F.

    Video games? Oh I'd rather die.

  • Video games and some nights the Cinema and dinner, then video games again lol

    • lol, a lot of guys love gaming. so that would be all they want

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    • Well we're playing FFXIV together right now but he raids and i'm still leveling but I think we'll pvp together after that, I only pvp lol

    • lol. thats good

  • Play video games or watch movies.

    • sounds like it would be a good fun night for guys who date you

What Guys Said 1

  • I chose go for a long walk because honestly that sounds really romantic and touching. Just me and her strolling, talking, laughing. Then we could sit down somewhere, maybe have a picnic pre-planned, and make out.

    Thoughts like this in part make me wish I had a girlfriend.


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