GUYS! What's a good sign that your ex is responding well to you?

Me being the one that broke his heart by being stupid, and I realize that, and I'm trying to improve myself and work on those things that I failed to do to make him feel loved and not just disposable. I finally got a goodnight from him last night, is that progress? Cause I he didn't care he just won't text right?


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  • There is progress because he's even bothering to communicate with you at all. I was screwed over by my ex too. She never apologized or did anything to make amends. If I NEVER talk to her again, it will be TOO SOON! Consider yourself lucky that he deals with you...


What Girls Said 1

  • So weird I'm in the same boat but got a good night from him last night. I don't know if he is just being nice or if he is coming around. We are both kinda stubborn he doesn't tell me when something bothers him so it makes it hard for me to correct it. I want to put him before me but it is hard when he just goes along with what I want.

    On my end we had trouble due to the communication he would never tell me how he felt about me but I know how I feel about him. It sucks 😔


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