I am unsure of him, Advice?

I just started talking to this guy and I am unsure about him and part of me thinks because I don't want to be hurt and another part of me because I believe he is intreseted me because last year he was trying to out with me but I was with someone else at the time. Also Monday we were suppose go out to eat and but we end up not going because he fell asleep in his chair because he works a lot and the night before we were on the phone late so he was extremely tired. He did call me and apploize and we talk for about an half on the phone and he said he did not want me to think that I wasn't important. So last night we went out but he did not give off until late so the resturtants were all close so we just got something to eat through drive through and talk and he took me and back home and we both decided that since he is off the weekeneds that we do something togther again since what he do for work which he drives a dumb truck he works untill really late. But overall I do like him but I think he likes me as well, I just think im paranoid and sure of him because of getting hurt I just need some advive on how to handle this.


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  • Did he make a move on you? Kiss goodnight? Anything?

    • no he did not I think its to soon for that, Also I seem liked he wanted to give me a hug but it did not happend

    • Hmm, I think he's shy then. He talks to you for a long time takes you out and stuff. Hopefully next time he tries to kiss but if you like him and your age is accurate here, and you want to kiss him, you could always say "you can kiss me if you want "

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