Girls, How would you react?

In class you get an anonymous note that says:
You're really pretty,
Text me: cel number

Would you text, will you be flattered... if not why not?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I'd probably text just to see ^ ^ I'm quite curious like that and yes I will be flattered.

  • Well, I would be flattered. But I wouldn't text probably. I think its just stupid, why would I text someone who doesn't know me? Who obviously just wants to talk to me for my looks but doesn't care what I'm like? It would seem as that guy just wants to bang me.. I would be even more flattered if someone would put an effort to get to know me..

    Let me give you piece of advice: you can say to her that she's pretty and all, but don't ask her phone number before you got to know her. Otherwise, you seem like a cheap man who is fine with any girl as long as she is hot. Instead, show her that you care about her as a person, and that you're interested in her personality. And then, if you click, you can give her your number and all that sh. t.

    • Yea the thing his this seems like the only way to know her... We don't have class together etc.. Figured if she just texts me to know who this his i'd just get to talk to her and ask her to join her for lunch and all... And it seemed pretty original at first.. still deciding whether it's worth a try or not

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