Why do everything I do annoy him?

I know him since a year. He had a girlfriend at first but he also talked to me as if he liked me. Then he broke up with his girlfriend and started to get closer to me. He said and did a lot of things that expressed his affection. Everyone thought we were dating but we were not. At first he was like "I like you but I can't be in a relationship." (he had anxiety so I thought it had something to do about it.) then after my angry sentences (I called him names, we got drunk at a friends birthday) he suddenly said he disliked me and was doing this kind of stuff because of his breakup. It really hurt me. He didn't want to lose his friendship with me so we are still friends but we don't text each other anymore.
But there's something... It's like everything I do annoys him. He gives me a weird look when I say something funny, or I do something funny. Like he hates me. But he looks like he's doing that on purpose. He talks about other girls a lot. He acts like he doesn't even care about me, but it looks fake, I don't know. It's breaking my heart. He's pointing out my flaws as well... He says I'm immature etc... Why? What have I done to him?
Oh I forgot, I sometimes catch him looking at me. He turns his head away immediately.
by the way guys that night was something that is forgotten, he forgiven me after that night. We talked about this and everything was alright. After a while he started to annoy me like this :D


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  • Well, only way to find out is to leave him for a while. If he comes back to you (like call you, message you or just starts a conversation) it means he cares, and he was probably hurt and just needs some time.
    If not, then you just irritate him and maybe you should move on.

    Oh and you probably didn't do anything wrong in practicular.
    Actually I may be guilty of doing similar thing to my best friend. Sometimes she can just irritate me. Like anything she says or does, just irritates me because she did it. But its not like I hate her, I LOVE her.. Its just that when she does something (and sometimes she is not even aware of it) I tend to keep it in, and not get mad at her. And because of that, even if i forget about it, I subconsciously get back at her for it.. At first I don't get why am I like that, but then I remember that one thing she said and how probably I'm still affacted by it.
    Best way is to just straight up tell her whats the problem or just ignore it until it goes away. But it definitely goes away faster if she goes away for awhile :P

    I'm soo sorry for making this so long, but I though that it may help you since, the way he acts reminds me soo much of myself :P

    • thank you so much for your comment :) I'm trying to keep my distance now since he looks annoyed, he somehow knows he's acting weird and he tries to act normal. But then he screws it up again :p I'll just wait and if he keeps doing the same things, I will ask him whats wrong. Thank you once again

    • No problem, since I understand him quite a bit, you can freely message me if you have some questions or if you need advice.. Good luck xx :)

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  • So, you were home-wrecking, basically?

    • We are university students come on..

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    • :D I had my boundaries sorry if I didn't explain in the question, I kept my distance.. he didn't tell me he had a girlfriend for 4 months.. I want an answer :/

    • You're not listening

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