Whys she so suddenly not interested?

ok so I've been seeing a girl been on around 5 dates with her they all went well, she text me everyday prettymuch. Id been away for a week got back and she asked me to meet up and go cinema, we did everything went fine as usual. That weekend she went away for the weekend then suddenely when she got back she text to say sorry, she didn't want string me along anymore she said she thought I was a really nice guy but she was unsure of what she wanted (shes just about to start uni) and that the timing wasn't right as she was stressed out etc. Does this just sound like an excuse for her not liking me or do you do think she actually was unsure of whether she wanted something serios and felt it would be best to cut it before it got any deeper? Any thoughts? Im left feeling confused and just the week before she was the one asking me to go out on a date and texting me daily etc...


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  • What did you do after the cinema? I don't think cinema is a good place for a 5th date unless you went somewhere else afterwards, somewhere you could talk I mean. I realize it was her suggesting this but maybe you took too much time? It sounds genuine that she doesn't know what to do, and now that uni is about to start and nothing happened so far she probably thinks it must not be the right decision.

    I think she still likes you but there is other stuff in her head now that's more important or let's say more urgent than continuing to work on a "potential" relationship that would only add more difficulties to her university life (I'm assuming she has to move for university?).

    • she's moving out but its the same city, and yeah we went for drinks after the cinema, we'd been out many times for drinks and kissed etc... so I dont understand how she went from being so so keen to then being uninterested, its weird

    • Well I wouldn't give it up just yet, but perhaps give it a few month so she can settle in. Better not get your hopes up though. At least I don't think you should contact her at the moment, and especially not try to ask her what this is all about. She'd only think you are clingy and annoying.

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  • i think she is not interested in you. sorry bro... time to move on.

  • That must hurt for you.

    In other words, she had a lot of good excuses, that sums up as.. maybe there's another guy she likes more.. or she didn't want what you wanted and now is still looking for someone who fits her better.
    Or she is not lying.

    If it was about the school stuff I might disagree with it, wanting to be single because of school is a bad excuse. It can even help her to focus on it, the counterpart if it wouldn't work out. I can't figure it out myself but did she end it by talking to you?
    If I were you I would want to talk to her in person to see things clearly

    • well originally she just said she was stressed and the timing was the bad, so I asked her to explain more and thats when she went on to say she was really unsure about whole thing and didn't want to string me along any further incase it wasn't what she wanted. She her self never mentioned the uni thing I just thought that might be a factor

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    • Yeah id much rather her be upfront and say there's another guy or just I dont like you like that or whatever its far less confusing aha

    • You're not to blame man just keep moving forward.
      you know there's girls who are upfront and really nice to be with that also communicate with you. That's what you should look for if you want to have a good time like I sometimes do (those are hard to find, I guess). I only didn't have luck with them cause of bad conditions (moving away, holiday encounter, moving away again)

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