How do I ask to hold hands with my boyfriend?

Okay so my boyfriend and I are quite shy towards our relationship. We don't do anything automatically... but when we walk together, my best friend always holds my hand out and we end up holding hands that way. I appreciate this, but I want to make it so we can do it on our own. How do I ask? I pretty sure he wants to ask me, but we are too shy, how can I offer my hand so we can get this feeling more normal? 😄


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  • Don't ask, just do it. Take initiative. My boyfriend and I don't ask each other to hold the others hand. We just do it if we feel like it. Trust me it's not nearly as awkward as you are probably thinking. Yes there can be a few moments of adjusting your hands but who cares.


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  • Don't be shy, be brave and grab his hand. I bet he'd like that and after it will take the pressure of the both of you

  • Just put your hand out don't ask


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