Is this bartender interested or just friendly?

First time i laid my eyes on him i just couldn't stop gazing at him till he looked away, i didn't even find him attractive, just okay.. I'm a quiet server he's a charming outgoing bartender and all the girls i work with are all over him all the time ugh. I never went to him and started a conv, I try to be around him though but not pay attention to him (hoping he'd talk, he already did twice but always get interupted by other girls).
I ntoiced he glances at me everytime someone starts talking to me and he would lean closer to hear us!! He makes eye contact with everyone so i can't tell :/ he seems formal when talks to me though or ask me something, and if he tells me a joke he has a straight face, but if there are other people around he laughs when he says then looks at me and i'd smile at him.
Last time i worked towards the end i got bothered by the other girls cuz they were flirting with him, anyways i went near him to get something done and i was so irritated that i couldn't even look his way, but i noticed he kept turning his head to me a couple of times then he came up to me and was standing close and started helping me he didn't say a word neither did i, i felt awkward so i looked up at him and he looked into my eyes and made this silly face, i looked down quickly but with a smile, and of course I ran away from him cuz i got soo shy :)
What do you think? I've known him only for a 2 weeks


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  • sounds interested.


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