I've been texting this one guy for a while now?

I've been texting this one guy for a while now and I really like him

and I know when he gets my texts becuase we both have Verizon

but he didn't get the one I sent but when I call him the phone rings

so what does this mean?


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  • perhaps he isn't there.

    • What do you mean?

      like if I send a text to him phone when he gets it, not reads it, it puts a check mark. but there is no check mark on this one so he never got it

      but when I call him it rings.

    • Well, cell carriers and still drop text messages occasionally, or (however unlikely) his phone's memory could be full.

      I don't think it's anything to worry about in terms of him, since the message has to be delivered to his phone, there really isn't much HE could have done, so I would suspect something went wrong with one of your phones.

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