Guys, is he being nice? Or is there a chance that he likes me?

Today it's easy to confuse being nice with being flirty or interested. I have tried that guys thought I liked them just because I was being friendly and helpful.
I meet this guy a few weeks ago. But I'm not sure if he is being nice, he is a nice guy. Or if he really is interested. I don't know if I'm overthinking it.
He stares at me a lot.
His body is almost always facing me.
He looks at me when he makes a joke.
Once a friend and I made a ironic joke about me. He was sitting nearby. He just sat quietly, looked at me while smiling.

I'm friends with some of his friends but we rarely meet. He is doing some things that makes me think, that he is just being nice. E. g we are not friends on facebook, even though we have about 20 mutual friends, he won't make much contact. A few days after we met, he would join the group of people I was talking to, but he stopped doing that.
But it could be because I have been a bit rejective. I don't know? Maybe he's just being nice and I'm overthinking it? Or could he be interested?
What do you think?


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  • He seems to be interested or at least finds you attractive, I would be paralyzed in fear at the thought of walking up to a group of my crush's friends, completely irrational I know, but still. Maybe he figured you didn't like him back on top of the fact that you rarely see each other. Has he done other things to get to know you?

    • Apart from hanging out with some of the people I hang out with; no. But again he might think I'm not interested.
      We are studying the same course at uni, I have just started my first semester and he is a year ahead of me. Campus is very big.
      Our mutual friends sometimes says that they don't know what he's doing or why he can't join us when we are hanging out. But I don't want to overthink things.

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    • We don't have any classes together. He's a year ahead of me. We are going to a cabin trip two weeks from now. I'll see what happens there.

    • Hope it goes well!

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  • Yeah he likes you. I have girls I've flirted with since high school yet even today too pussy to Facebook friend them

    • I'm too pussy to facebook friend him. I know how it feels.
      Even if I did, I would be too afraid to log on facebook after that.

    • Worst part is she's always on people you may know and we share like 130+ Since we went to high school together. But it's funny neither of us have yet to add each other. Even though I see her a few times a week and she's always overly flirty

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