What makes a guy fall in love?

What moves a guy's heart?
I've known a guy for more than a year now, he began to hangout with my close friends and sit in front of me in class when before he always was with a group of girl friends. We tease each other (pushing or calling each other names, mocking, sarcasm) and we laugh often when we're together. These days I made the effort to show interest and he started to drop comments about his family, his past and such. He asked if I had sisters or brothers and how many pets I have. When it comes to body language he mirrors me often sometimes too noticeable. Our eye contact is normal most of the time, but there are times where he just stares when we talk. Sometimes I laugh at something while looking at him, when I look away but look back he's staring while smiling. The point of this Q. is that we're going out with a group of friends to the movies, what can I do while we walk or during the movie that show my interest outside of school? Thanks. Sorry for length of story.


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  • If you want it to go past school, take it past school. Have him meet some non school friends or even, ooh, family! That is where it officially goes beyond school flirting. And the stares make me think that he is hooked


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  • She has to be prefect for him to be in love


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