Why hasn't he tried to see me before I leave?

I've become really close to this guy over the summer. We are casually dating. We're always communicating&he's a really nice guy.
I'm going back to uni on Monday and he hasn't tried to see me or even seem bothered..
He seems interested otherwise but he hasn't really said much about the fact I'm leaving except tonight...
He was talking about how much of a shame it is cos he wanted to watch a particular movie with me...
Does that mean he's not bothered or?
Kinda sounds like he won't even be visiting.. I know the weekend is coming but he's working and this week he slowed down a little, calling wise...
Am I overracting or should I just cut my loses?


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  • Perhaps he didn't take it as seriously as you OR he is in denial that you are leaving OR he doesn't like goodbyes.

    You might just have to ask him.


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