Girls, Have you ever dated someone that looked like an ex?

Would it be okay if someone dated you because you looked like their ex. I'm not saying they told you or anything like that but you somehow found out. If the answer was that they just really have a type and you fit into it, would that be better than other reasons?


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  • If he's dating me because I look like his ex, consider me gone. If it's because I have 'that' look he likes which his ex also happened to have, it's cool.

    • How are you going to know?

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    • I'm not sure that dating someone because they look like their ex constitutes that as a rebound. I think it might be a symptom of a deeper issue but I consider a rebound sleeping with the first thing you can in order to get over your ex. To me it seems like holding on. Thanks for the reply though.

    • True. Anyone with half a brain wouldn't date someone who's just dating you cause you're the closest thing he/she has to his/her ex. Unless you like to get hurt...

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