Seeing my neighbour; are we friends? More? Less?

I recently moved to a new town and got to know my neighbour since we live in the same block of units. We're both in our 20s, I've known him for about a month now. We've been hanging out a lot and I've had dinner a few times at his place.
I'm confused as to whether he's interested in dating me or just being nice i. e. forming a decent friendship. He hasn't made any advances and perhaps if he wants company I'm convenient because I live like 10 steps away?
But he's never said I'm a friend either; he always introduces me to people as his neighbour. There was one time I think he went to say 'this is my friend', but he stopped himself at 'fr' and said 'next door neighbour' instead.
Opinions please? Am I missing something here?


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  • I think he's trying something :p

  • Do a test to seee


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