Girls, why can't I get a girlfriend?

It seems that no matter how hard I try girls just aren't attracted to me, there willing to hangout but nothing more than just friends. I don't get it, I have a great personality, I fun to be around, I have a good physic because I lift and workout, and I'm confused on why I don't have a girl in my life yet? What am I missing? It hurts because I know I would make such an amazing boyfriend to a lucky girl


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  • If you're the type of guy who takes a girl out to dinner, and casually drops sexist jokes about how she should be in the kitchen making you dinner instead, you're probably single.

    Likewise, if you're the type of guy who begins every date with a sob story about how your ex burned you, and launches into a lengthy monologue about how women are inherently untrustworthy, you'll probably be solo well into the new year.

    Women may have reluctantly retired their hopes of chivalry, but they're not willing to give up on finding a man who genuinely respects the opposite sex, and most importantly, actually likes them. So if this is an issue you have, you should work on it. Probably with a professional.

    Good luck.


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