Girls, 4th date issues?

Wondering if anyone can help me with something here.

I have been dating a girl for the past few weeks, this week we had made plans for a night out and in the course of a few days the plans changed twice. Still meeting another day but kinda frustrated that at this early a stage to be doing this. Am i looking into things a bit too much? Would rather she was honest and said she wasn't interested in me rather than waste both our time.

I do like this girl and she wants to continue to just get to know each other but i feel i am the one putting most of the effort in to see each other, would rather this worked both ways. Is the best way to do this to hold off contact until she contacts me?

My last relationship didn't end very well (as so did her's) and dont want to end up making the same mistakes again where i jumped in without really getting to know the person. I assume the point of moving from dating to a relationship will come naturally once we are confortable.


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  • The obvious tact in this situation is to assume you are attractive enough to keep on the back burner while other issues in her life work themselves out, then give a clear path to action with you.
    Thus, you keep a friend's dialogue alive with events of mutual interest, chatting, texting, dialogues are best... both of you have to eat, perhaps enjoy an outing, even if brief, a walk, do some errands for her, etc.
    Soon she will be open to choosing her own date that's open to see you and willing to share it


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