Girls, I need a bunch of opinions to read?

Over the years, a bunch of girls in middle and high school told me they liked me, and I didn't feel the same, and now only regret one.

Question: I've liked a girl since I was 16 and she was 15. We go to different colleges. They are 20 minutes apart. I still like her. Her social media annoys the hell out of me when she's at school. When she comes home for breaks, I crush so hard on her. She doesn't know I like her I'm certain. I told her I use to like her when she was feeling ugly, which was true, but it's more like, I've always liked you sort of thing. Since she got to college 3 years ago, one of her main goals has been to find a boyfriend. When she comes home, that is consistently a topic. And she always trying to get with a guy, but now in her junior year, is still single. I told myself I would confess my liking for her this last summer if I still crushed on her, when she came home for the summer, we were all with mutual friends, and she tells us about this really nice guy that's sort of interested in her, then stopped talking to her, and now is sort of interested in again. So I decided not to tell her. Partly because I'm really nervous, partly because I didn't want to ruin her thing, partly because my major is too time consuming and when would I have time to be with her especially going to different schools, or a job to make money to do things with her? Partly because we have a ton of mutual friends, we are part of a close knit group of 20 people and I don't want to break up and make things awkward in the group, or be denied by her and make things awkward. So I have moved my confession to this next summer. Since I met her I liked her but it just never seems right.

Question is, should I let this friendship be? And if I decide not to pursue this, how should I meet girls being shy as I am? I'm ready to be with someone an d even have considered online dating, even though I don't like the idea. I think that's my last resort. I'm afraid I wo
  • Pursue long time friend, if still single
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  • Don't pursue high school friend, try to meet someone else who interests me
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  • I think that you should definitely tell her. But not with words so much... Don't come right out and tell her you like her. Flirt with her, touch her randomly, play wrestle with her, wink, smile often. Women FRIENDS react to things are shown, not what they are told. She knows you way too well to just have you tell her you want her. You have to show her. It is the only way.


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