Forever Single?

I know there are several questions like this on the internet because I just googled it myself. But I can't help but feel.. lonely sometimes.
I'm 19 and never had a boyfriend. I mean no boyfriend as in no kissing no hand holding no nothing lol. I mean, my first 'bf' went out with me for money so that def doesn't count since it was only for a few hours. But anyways, I can't help but wonder why that is? Back in high school all of my friends had bf's or at least talking to someone. Then there was me, attending prom date less. (Sad huh? I didn't even had fun at prom. But that's a whole different story.) My friends at school would tell me 'I don't know. I just can't see you with a guy for some reason. Maybe its because you're so funny' and I'm like? What does that have to do with anything. Okay this is turning into a novel so I'm just gonna describe myself.
I'm a mixed African-American woman, I weigh 125 pounds as of right now, I have hazel eyes and I'm 5'5. I love to read books, listen to music, sing, dance, go for walks at night, & watch scary movies. In my group of friends I was the funny, outgoing one. The one who people wanted to be around to get in a good mood. The one who they could come to to get advice or just get something off there chest. The trustworthy friend. Also, I take great pride in my looks. I think I am very pretty inside and out. I think I would be a great model ( if I didn't have anxiety and knew how to walk in heels) So everyone I go on social media and I see all my friends in happy relationships I'm like 'what gives?' 😡 Sometimes, I can't help but feel.. Lonely is all. Sorry for the novel. Just wanted to know what you guy think about this. 😊😊


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  • You have nothing to worry about. High school is a poor representation of how dating will go in the real world. Relationships in high school are determined by status, popularity and cliques. Relationships in the real world are determined by looks and personality alone (in most circumstances). It seems that you're a pretty lady and that you have an ecstatic personality, so you should be fine. I didn't date anyone in high school, and by 24 I have dated a shameful amount of people.

    • Thanks for the advice. I guess you're right. I just need to focus on me right now and do what makes me happy. Rushing into things never turns out well anyways. :)

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  • You're single because you don't want a man. Because if you have social media + look as good as you think/say you do. There are probably about 10-25 guys right now trying to get with you (probably not for the right reasons but hey... you'd have a man at least)

    So start asking guys out, flirting with them, calling them a cute nickname etc and trust me eventually you'll find somebody. As a girl, it's not that hard to find a mate. Well as long as you're willing to throw your "standards out the window" that is ^_^

    • Yes. I want a man. But I don't want a dog. I want someone who will respect and like me for me. Not for whats in my pants. Your right I do have guy who are waiting for me at the door *leans head* but they only wanna have sex with me then drop me like a hot potato. And I refuse to do that. Thanks for the advice though.

    • Sorry to take this arrogant as approach to this for a change (I don't see how people can do this) but "I guess you don't want a man then + you're single by choice".

      But I agree/don't blame ya cuz don't nobody wanna feel used >_<

    • Well there you have the answer... guys your age don't care about a serious commitment, they just want fun. You don't want that so no boyfriend. Just date someone older or wait a few years. Don't worry too much.

  • You sound a lot like me as in your likes as in you have introverted hobbies. Are you an introvert or an extrovert that makes a big difference for dating. What you could do is try and find a friend with benefits/hookup and at least get some experience that way so your not so clueless when the right person comes along plus you won't be lonely. You sound like a pretty lady just try something new and don't expect people to like you. Maybe date people a little less attractive and give them a chance they are probably lonely and bored. I'm still often lonely and bored I haven't seriously dated anyone either but I've had a couple one night stands no point of sitting around feeling bad.

  • What guys think about this?
    I bet most guys would go tl;dr

  • I'm sorry to say that you're probably not as pretty as you think you are. If you were pretty, guys would be all over you. You're probably the female version of the nice guy.

    • Lmao. Yeah no... Guys are all over me but they just want me for sex. None of them want a real relationship with me.

      For example, I was speaking and hanging out with this one guy and though he liked me for me. But it turns out he was pretending to be nice to me just to get in my pants. You get me?

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